Our Human Resources Policies and Practices
Kayseri OIZ performs qualified manpower recruitment in the line with its vision and mission, and provides employees with an effective and efficient work environment accordingly.
With this understanding, and current and human-oriented Human Resources Practices, Kayseri OIZ has been adopted the principle of ownership which includes having highly-motivated and highly-loyal employees who are open to education and development.
The Recruitment Process and Its Functioning
When there is a need of new staff in Kayseri OIZ, our job advertisements are in the papers and/or on the internet. By following these advertisements and postings, you can learn about job opportunities in Kayseri OIZ and apply for open positions. Among the applications, a pre-assessment is done to the applicants who are appropriate for our region criteria and open positions. The applicants who becomes successful, firstly, are interviewed by Human Resources Management, and after this interview, eligible candidates are interviewed by related unit managers.
All applications are evaluated by staying faithful to the principles of confidentiality.