FETÖ’S (Fethullahist Terrorist Organization) traitor and vile plan, which aimed to annihilate the survival of our state and our nation and the Government of the Republic of Turkey who was elected by the will of the nation, and to disrupt our nation’s peace, unity and solidarity, was routed by our people’s powerful determination which they exhibited on the squares of the cities on the night of July 15, 2016.
In order to keep the memorial, which is the Republic of Turkey can never be possessed by this and other nefarious organizations, and the memory of our heroes who were martyred for the sake of national willpower alive for next generations, “July 15 Martyrs Park”, which was given the name of the park by the Board decision taken at a meeting of Kayseri OSB No. 1606 and 19.07.2016 day, was opened. It is located on 6th Avenue in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone and has the largest Flag Park Area of Central Anatolia.
The highest and largest Turkish Flag of Central Anatolia which has 70 meters length and 600m2 largeness has been whipping on 6th Avenue of our region.