Fire department was established along with “60th Establishment of the Guide of Civil Defense for Residential and Institutions” based on Civil Defense Law No. 7126 and it fulfills the task along with the Provisions of Law No. 4562 on Organized Industrial Zones and Organized Industrial Zones Implementation Regulation Article 128th

Our goal is;

To be at the forefront of the needs and opportunities of our region, to provide  close and active cooperation and mutual assistance to industrial facilities which will begin their operations, also to generalize “Culture of Precaution” on the conducted studies, and to provide our Industrialists with added value to their values.
As it is understood from EDICT (FERMAN) article, CULTURE OF PRECAUTION is an indispensable habit of living in societies, it reminds us of the fact that it is a form of behavior.

While the fire has a power that transforms into a big disaster in a very short time, and it destroys everything in its path and turns them to ashes, the most effective solution for this is to take and to be taken effective measures in advance.
Let’s not forget, Precautions stop the Fire!

With the wish and the effect that experienced pain and no recoverable experiences don’t repeat again, in accordance with the principles which include working 7/24, our Fire Department accepts the principles of active service which is based on stronger and readier than ever.

New Fire Department Building imparted to our organization

  • With a covered area of 2200m2,
  • With a capacity of 15 cars
  • With training Tower
  • With training room
  • With 2 sports hall
  • With a parking lot for 20 cars
  • With a green field of 1500 m2
  • With 15 Emergency Situation Stations located within the boundaries of the OIZ

is a model and was given the identity of a modern building among 300 IOZs in our country.

Our fire fleet was powered by 5 newly-bought vehicles, and the team of experts was reinforced by our additional fire department staff, necessary trainings were meticulously provided to them.

Protocol on Cooperation with the Lifelong Learning Directorate of EducationTask,

Along with 23 August 1985 date and numbered 18851 Fire Department Enhancement Establishment article by Ministry of Internal Affairs, Regulation on Principles of Training and Auditing, based on The Law No. 3308 on Vocational Education and in the frame of the Board of Education and the Ministry of National Education Training Module No.4 approved on 15.02 2012, The Cooperation Protocol was signed between Kayseri Directorate of Education Lifelong Learning Department and the Board of Kayseri OIZ in September, 2016.