Our facility, which purifies domestic and industrial wastewater from all businesses operating in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone, was established on an area of 52500 m2. The plan and project in the second phase of our industry have been generated by considering the following year’s developments.

Our wastewater treatment plant construction whose contract was signed in 2008 and which was started to build in 2009 was completed in 2012, and, as of this date, testing of mechanical equipment has begun. As a result of the application to the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning on 19.04.2013, Environmental Permits have been obtained for the discharge of wastewater.

In order to minimize human flaws during the active operation of our wastewater treatment plant where approximately 30,000 m3/day mixed industrial wastewater is flown, and to avoid losses which may occur during the electrical and chemical use, a series of operations which are known as full automation in the present system has been applied.

In this system, the facility has been allocated to 6 MMC groups, data from all mechanical and electrical equipment on the field are being forwarded to these group, and after the information is processed here, they are transferred to the SCADA system in the administrative building. The functioning of any equipment in the facility, and their time intervals and when the fault occurs, the nature and type of the fault information can be seen online on SCADA system. Here, the automation was reviewed with minimal staff during the operation of the facility. The data which are collected daily, weekly and annually have been presented to the user in Report Form.