“Industrial Design Centre (IDC)” activities which are needed for our industry are paid attention differently.
Kayseri Industrial Design Center continues its works in the frame of quad-cooperation protocol with Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone Directorate, Central Anatolia Development Agency, Erciyes University and Erciyes Technopark Inc. Its management belongs to the Directorate of Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone.
General purpose is to increase the value added in industry in Kayseri and to contribute in ensuring competitiveness. Priority work area of Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone Industrial Design Centre (IDC) is to increase R&D and the capacity of innovation in the region, to transit to advanced high-tech and high value-added products and to increase the Global Competitiveness of the region through increasing efficiency.
IDC acquires a vision that is to be capable of designing original products, to improve existing products, to contribute to the development of the technological structure of industry in the country and the region, and to become a global-brand design and development center reached global competitiveness.