Recently, it has begun to be expressed by all employers that there is the need for qualified technical personnel in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone, and the quest for the solution to this issue has been emerged. As a result of this quest, OIZ Vocational and Technical Education center has been generated.
The school has become as it is today with the cooperation of the Ministry of Education and the Directorate of Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone.
Five fields that employers need have been opened and the technological infrastructures of these fields have been completed in a short time. In order for our students to receive a good education, their all needs have been taken into consideration.
Our school which is one of the most efficient examples of industry-school cooperation has become to provide more than one thousand students with education.
Our School:
Shall be within of the industry,
The workshops regulated in the form of production area,
Be equipped with the latest technological equipment,
Students with capital in the industry production,
Abroad Internship with EU projects,
Most importantly, with the movement of the understanding that the best investment is investing in people, thanks to the continuity of the support of the Directorate of Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone, it provides opportunity of the upbringing of qualified technical staff.
We are going to see all together that Kayseri will be able to become competitive in education and generate qualified human resources, and come to the stage that will make us happy with its academic and social success for us on our behalf. 

  • In order to meet the demand for qualified personnel in our industry, Vocational and Technical Education Center (VOTEC) was opened in the academic year of 2012-2013.
  • It is an educational institution with 30 classrooms.
  • There are 5 completely equipped Labs.
  • At the end of the 2015-2016 academic year, 113 students have graduated from our school.
  • It currently has 1060 students.
  • A 350-people “student dormitory” has been built right next to the school, and it will be available in the next academic year.
  • Again, a 1000-people “sports hall” has been built right next to the school, it started running in the current academic year.
  • A grass football pitch, basketball court and tennis court were added next to our sports hall.
  • To our region, we continue to work on the opening projects which include 2nd Training Vocational and Technical High School and Vocational College.