The share in electricity production of the solar energy which has a very important place among the renewable energy sources has been increasing more and more day by day.
Our country has been performing great strides in energy sector, especially in recent years, and conducting many studies on the behalf of the betterment of the industry. Because, Turkey has great potential in terms of renewable energy sources.
Solar energy, as clean, renewable and unlimited source, has many application areas. There is a wide usage field from the production of electricity to heating and from obtaining hot water to lighting.
Together with the increasing technological developments in our country and in the world, the future of solar energy looks quite bright. For this reason, by veering to the sun, Kayseri OIZ also shows utmost importance and priority to SEP investments.
The plant that is in operation in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone serves with its established 7 MW power.
Kayseri OIZ Solar Energy Plant, with its average 8.760.00 kWh electricity production, is able to meet the electricity energy need which 2.647 people need in their daily lives (such as residential, industrial, underground transportation, government offices, ambient lighting).
Also, the works of the additional 32,3 MWp power plant in the establishment phase has been continued rapidly. Additionally, within the scope of the current project, the part which consists of 11 MW has been prepared for use with the model of build-operate-transfer.
Kayseri OIZ Solar Energy Plant (SEP) with its approximately 45 MW capacity will contribute to the reduction of energy dependence with the completion of   the future energy source project.
It has been targeted to be established more 22,8 MWp SEPs in Kayseri OIZ in 2017.