Our Mission

Within the framework of the law and related regulation 4562, to pay a leading role on the works of industrialists operating in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone in order for them to grow more and increase their shares on world trade area, and within this context, to move forward with the mission to provide permanent and high quality service in economic development activities which support all our industrialists.

Our Vision

To brand with innovative industrialists model,  to become an OIZ with this effective and created model, to offer sincere, sensitive, friendly  service to all participants in the lights of ethical values with the institutional infrastructure, to enlarge their resources for Kayseri and our country’s industry by signing up for the sample projects, with the frame of the respect for the environment and people,  to move forward with the vision of creating a value for all stakeholders by accompanied common sense.

Ethical and Moral Values

Kayseri OIZ acquires task to show effort to the stakeholders, the participants who it offers service to in Kayseri, and ultimately, toward its country, exhibits appropriate attitudes and behaviors specified by Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone ethical rules detailed below by all the Board members for the adaptation of these principles commonly.
Respect the Law
Respect for People
Smiling Face and Sincerity
Respect for the Environment
To obtain, Use and Protect the Information