Very Valuable Industrialist Friends and KOIZ Stakeholders;

In order to be able to do the right things at the time, it is necessary to work with right people and demonstrate a diligent attitude. To achieve the goals we set for our OIZ, when this zealous attitude is determined by our Board of Directors, I, on behalf of myself and the Board of Directors, send our gratitude to our valuable industrialist friends who honor us with this mission in this process and to our precious elders who supported us spiritually and sparked enthusiasm in our works for Kayseri during this effort.

Dear All,

We do not know what is appreciated to us in eternity. If there is one thing we know, it is that ones who work duly will be successful. In all activities we will show that are for Kayseri industry and our country’s economy to reach more advanced levels, I would like to state that we believe we are going to affirm “We” culture, and moreover, need to bring meaning to this. For this, we believe that it is necessary to understand to incorporate the stakeholders into a system of OIZ thought. We are going to listen to valuable participants in our industry, and by keeping their experiences and their valuable ideas open to share,  we will, in a sense, reconstruct our industry’s mind. We will provide to be submitted again that it will be a gain to all participants by attaining their abilities in the areas of investment, production, marketing, design, technology, research and development as the total benefit of OIZ. By diverting our industry’s current investment ability, we will make an effort to develop and grow it more and more.

In order to provide, especially overseas, a competitive advantage in our OIZ, while we, on the one hand, as industrialist, assess what we can do on our proactive stance, branding, distribution, promotion, and innovation, on the other hand, we will strive to increase our region’s incentives and, herewith, to make labor, freight, etc. costs come to a better level with the support from our state.

We have to now understand the importance of business-to-business relationships more concretely. We know that our industrialists have begun structure high value-added outputs with total quality entry by cooperating mutually around a Win-Win business logic. Quality output includes the way of doing quality business, quality and educated workforce, management of current technological developments, and it can be carried out when it is gathered under headings such as machinery which was raised timely and used efficiently. We will take care of making known better that companies which will take a special interest in industry perception management together with the real status of industry are, regardless of being small or large,  a value and culture being and living on the same boat.

with a total of 94 million KWh of electricity monthly consumption at 1150 factories with 60 thousand employees in the beginning of 2015, in 24 million m2, we will be working towards the increase and growth of our production-loving participants with more concrete projects, hence we will let our OIZ reach to more advanced levels from the state on this day.

Meeting market demands at needed time in the global market and working with low inventory levels in quality service and product have a great significance. For a situation like this, it is not enough for us to be prepared and sufficient only in OZI, so we need to involve our all stakeholders into the process. Objective expectations such as quality, speed, stability are juxtaposed with the unwritten expectations such as consistency, devotion and loyalty. Our companies with this common culture, with the logic that everything is not price, should not adopt mutual shopping but should adopt more the idea that is first selling, then buying, instead. As a result of this, we think that our participants, who will firstly have effort to be useful for the one across, will have to meet at the common mind for many years, and they will enjoy a mutual win. It is not at all difficult when this culture is sincerely evaluated by Kayseri industrialists, and this fact is a part of our vision. Therefore, it is again not at all difficult for a KOIZ which has a grown, developed and an innovative perspective and is a sample OIZ. We know very well what the requirement of our industrialists is and what responsibility they have given to us is, and we think that we are not allowed to specify these requirements here as a project.

It is obvious that industrialists making business processes easier, reinforcing the services with desired quality, putting himself in the client’s position, and considering the same actions, having a certain culture of business that maintains the stability in the process, gain more values.

Because it now comes to low profits, it is important that we need to increase our growth objectives, our high capacity, the sensitivity and seriousness we show in manufacturing and other processes to improve efficiency, so we will increase our capacity and update ourselves with our technologies. We will review ourselves, our way of doing business and our structure of thinking in the whole process, and we will be open to develop our OIZ. Our businesses must have a visionary, stable, secure, serious and corporate culture which can do planning, for this, we will get training from the most competent institutions.

Our industrialists have looked at the matter of fact that who helps to make the process much easier, others who have their own production and if they are able to set up a quick and healthy dialogue. Corresponding to the values presented is directly dependent on a sense of trust and appreciation we have built in the minds of our industrialists. These feelings of appreciation will not necessarily occur spontaneously. A period of time based on diligent, organized, projective, sensitive, sincere, and respectful, and also the economic realities should be lived.

If so, the common wisdom is sharing. It is to be open to everything about every topic.
We will be open to improving processes. When using the authority we have received and for which we are responsible, we will see the suggestions which will join us with someone else’s opinions and the benefits which they will provide. In our opinion, we will not say we do this job the best, we actually will be who we are and manage to think commonly. We will ensure that there is a common sense in everyone for OIZ. We will not allow “I” idea to cover ourselves with our ego self, and it will not lock ourselves. As Kayseri OIZ, we constantly remember that the “we” culture is our main priority, and this priority will help us exhibit sincere, friendly, solution-oriented approach in order for our industrialist to facilitate their works and to share the power which cooperation offers to us.

My Precious Industrialist Friends,

Common Sense is a mind that people agreed on, and it is affected by the business process of the incident, or it affects incidents or business processes. We will give priority to evaluating a topic with a multi-dimensional perspective, activating the collective consciousness, defining the future vision of the subject with common approach, and determining strategies and action plans. We will make sure that we will never postpone giving the opportunity to common sense meetings, determining what should be done to thrive, moving towards common goals.

We clearly observe that the things that will be done on our OIZ’s Cost/Benefit Analysis are trainings which will be given with the state, university, and industry cooperation. We will do the studies on the formation of a consciousness about this.

In a globalized world where speed is everything, it is now time to do job. For Kayseri Industry, our country, we believe that we will enhance the flag much higher with all our strength, and with the supports from our esteemed industrialists and the government.

On this occasion, we wish abundance, ampleness, goodness and happiness to our city’s precious and valuable industrialists, who deserve the best of everything.

Kayseri OIZ Chairman of the Executive Board